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Finding It Difficult To Get & Train Affiliates?

Affiliates, re-sellers, distributors - whatever they're known as in your business, we all know that building a good income depends on:

  • Finding affiliates
  • Training affiliates and achieving duplication

This site will let you do both easier than you ever thought possible.

Go and take a look at this demo site. Try not to get confused - it's part sales page for CustomDLB itself and part demo of a real site.

Visit Demo Site

Remember it's just a demo site - GotBackup could be replaced by any business you happen to promote!

You Need A Downline Builder

Whatever program you're trying to promote, a Downline Builder will help you achieve dramatically better results.

Imagine: promote one link and get referrals in not just one but 5, 10 or 20 or more programs.

By choosing your programs wisely (and you can choose as few or as many as you need or want), you'll build massive downlines in all of them. It's especially powerful for multilevel programs.

Be An Owner - Reap The Rewards

The donwline builder you create will help other people; it'll help them find affiliates, safe in the knowledge those affiliates will get real training and help.

But being the owner, you get maximum benefit...

Because now, referrals that join your program are helping to build your business and build your list.

You can email all your members at any time. And the members of your membership site are a real, tangible asset.

How it Works

YOU join CustomDLB

Spend an hour or so customising your Downline Builder to be totally unique and contain the programs YOU want! (you can fully customise with your own HTML or just tweak the default templates - your call)

Get your own domain name, customise the emails that YOUR custom DLB sends out. Make it yours!


Start Referring

Promote your own splash or capture pages on your own domain. Get referrals to YOUR program. They will be LASER TARGETED and on YOUR list only (not that of customDLB)

They'll see your emails, your training, your downline builder programs. As far as they're concerned, this is your program.

Build Downlines

Your custom Downline Builder is so focused on YOUR programs, your downlines grow like crazy

Your Site, Your Domain

Imagine this page (minus the explanation content) on your domain name. It looks professional, so helps you find affiliates.

What's more, when they join and see your step-by-step training and the unique progress monitoring, they'll duplicate what you do.

Meaning more active affiliates - good for you, good for them!

Plus - you'll build downlines in all the traffic generation programs and any other auxiliary programs and tools you add.

Click below to login as a demo user and view the members area.

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Duplication, Duplication, Duplication

The secret to building a big downline and hence big and growing income is duplication.

This site, your site, is perfectly designed to help you produce passive duplication (when affiliates join, they have all the steps to follow) but also to encourage proactive duplication...

Because all referrals (and you, the client) have real tools to see how active their referrals are, they can reach out to specific referrals to provide encouragement and further help where needed.

Access To CrazyKala For Creating Graphics

When you create your site, you need banners and splash pages for your members to be able to promote your site.

We've got you covered! With our specially negotiated membership of an awesome DIY graphics site called CrazyKala.

With CrazyKala, you'll be able to easily create semi-professional to professional looking graphics, just by modifying one of the large number of templates CrazyKala provides. There are templates for all popular sizes of banners and splash pages or you can define a totally custom size graphic.

Create your own templates and easily 'spin off' multiple versions that your members will love to promote.

Check out the video on the right to see how easy CrazyKala is.

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Create Your Own Sales Page Like This

As if being able to create your own banners wasn't enough, we've also got you covered for being able to create a professional looking sales page for your site. After all, first impressions are everything!

This drag and drop editor is child's play to use. Just choose a block to add from the library - then edit the content and style.

The style of all the blocks is so elegant that even if you have no artistic talent whatsoever, you'll still be able to create great looking pages out of stunning building blocks.

Check out the video on the left to see a short clip of it in action.

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Creating Your Own Blueprint For Members


At Last - YOU control the programs your members see

We all know the problem with downline builders; the principle is fantastic and correct - but there are generally so many other programs that you'd rather your referrals didn't get distracted by.

Now that you own your own downline builder, that's no longer an issue. Want just one program? Fine. Of course we recommend you design your downline builder around a few solid program types, not just one; that way you get more leverage!

Swipe or click a circle to learn more...


Laser Focus

It's your downline builder but you're not left to flounder. We know a thing or two about downline builders.

We've cleverly designed the system to have some key sections that we believe all downline builders should have. Of course the final choice is yours but if you follow our strategy, you'll be off to a flying start.

For example, two of the main sections are income programs and traffic generation.

That gives you the power to recommend traffic exchanges only, or mailers only, or even paid advertising sources.

Each section has your custom text that explains why they need to join the programs.

Start now!

Why 'Real' Downline Builders Work So Well

  • You're giving a blueprint for members to follow
  • It's step by step easy
  • Members inherently trust the blueprint
  • Members join most if not all of the programs
Start now!


Remember - Your downline builder will be unique and one of just a limited number sold EVER !

That's not some lame scarcity tactic. This is a unique product for select proactive individuals. If we allowed more than this it would dilute the power of it for you.

Once the maximum number of clients has been reached, new clients will only be allowed in if an existing client quits.


  • $37 Setup Fee*
  • Unlimited Programs
  • Unlimited Pages
  • 500 Users
  • Custom Domain Name
  • Mail Members Weekly
    • Setup Fee Included
    • Unlimited Programs
    • Unlimited Pages
    • Unlimited Users
    • Custom Domain Name
    • Mail Members Any time
    • Built In Autoresponder

(These are for your information, full details will be inside the members area after you join)

Set up fee waived, $10 discount if upgrade within 7 days of joining

Later, if you wish, you can avoid recurring costs by transferring your members to your own hosted version. This requires you to purchase a standard membership script and provide hosting. We can help with the transfer but we recommend you seek the assistance of a programmer. There is a further $197 charge to purchase your copy of our code or you can use your programmer to customise your membership script.

* Setup fee refers to provisioning your custom domain on our server. It does NOT include the domain name itself, you must register a domain name through any domain name registrar. We recommend GoDaddy

Important: CustomDLB is a simple, paid service. Should you decide to use the service, you pay CustomDLB a monthly fee. CustomDLB pays no commissions, there are no affiliates. You as a client will be offering a free membership site to your members. You will not be able to charge members a fee to join. While it enables you to promote multilevel programs, CustomDLB is not a multilevel program and does not endorse any multilevel programs.

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